Forest Path Academy

Helping families on their homeschool journey


Welcome to Forest Path Academy, a branch of Friendswood Music and More.  This website is here to give you information on our classes for home-schooled students.   We are a university-model school, which means students attend classes two or three days and work on assignments the rest of the week.

 Our goal is to help home-schooling families by creating a team of parent, child, and teacher.  We know that every child is different, and parents have differing goals for their children's education.  That's why we offer a great deal of flexibility in our program so that you can choose the path that is right for you. 

 We offer a variety of programs for all ages from preschool through high school.  Families can choose to use our PATHS program for their complete curriculum or simply select several of our enrichment classes.  Our classes are hands - on and work for multiple learning types.    


Our Discovery Tree program includes a variety of classes, including storytimes, toddler art classes, and a pre-K and Kindergarten  program.  We offer a preschool program as well as Kindergarten, and families can choose from one to four days for their children.   For Kinder, we recommend 3 (or 4) days per week.   We have a very strong phonics based reading program, and offer developmentally appropriate curriculum for all ages.   


We offer the PATHS complete curriculum for grades 1-high school.   PATHS stands for Parent And Teacher, Home and School.  This is a complete curriculum in ALL subject areas for students in 1st through high school. Students attend classes twice weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will have additional assignments to complete at home.   All lesson planning is done for you, so you are free to enjoy your home-schooling journey, and you can supplement or add to the curriculum as you would like.  

In addition to the core subjects included in the PATHS curriculum, we offer additional classes such as Lego Robotics,  private music lessons, STEM science classes, and others that can be registered for individually.  Please check out the main Friendswood Music and More page for information about music and art camps that are available. 

We offer a variety of field trips, holiday parties,  and other activities.   Many of these activities are  open to all, including families who are not enrolled in our classes.  We invite families to join up mailing list to receive info on these programs.  Some field trips may have additional fees.  We have a Facebook page for Forest Path Academy,, as well as a facebook page for the main business,   Please join this page to keep up with our special events.  The Forest Path Page will have info on field trips and academic classes of interest to home-schoolers, the Friendswood Music page focuses on music, art, and early childhood programs.